Disability Care

Disability overwhelmingly affects older people, with over 5 million people above state pension age having a disability. In 2012, two-thirds of people aged 75 and over had a long-standing illness or disability. Furthermore, it is estimated that the number of older disabled people is likely to increase by around 40% between 2002 and 2022.

It is clear that disability care is an essential service required to provide physical and emotional care and support for individuals with various disabilities. Bonza Healthcare have a wealth of hands-on, real-life experience as well as appropriate condition-specific training where necessary.

How disability care can help

Everyone’s experience with disability is unique and we advocate personalised care tailored to the specific needs and abilities of you or your loved one. Bonza Healthcare is here to ensure that all of our clients live as dignified and independent a life as possible.

Carers have experience working with people with all kinds of disabilities, from spinal injuries and acquired brain injuries to learning disabilities and sensory impairment. They will routinely review their care plans and adapt them according to changing needs and abilities whilst always respecting the client’s wishes and dignity. Our carers are confident in working alongside the rest of your care team in order to provide a collaborative service.

Questions to ask

If you think your loved one may need disability care, you may want to ask some of the following questions:

  • What disability do you or your loved one have?
  • Do you need extra help or support in order to manage your disability?
  • Are you struggling to provide care for your loved one or do you need extra help?
  • Do you need experienced help to manage your or your loved one’s disability?
  • What sort of help do you need?
  • What help do you already receive?