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Reablement Care Services

Our reablement care services ensure you continue to be independent after you have been discharged from a hospital or if you otherwise enter the care system following a crisis. All of our assessments are carried out by experienced Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists.

Reablement encourages you to develop your confidence and skills to carry out activities vital to you and to enable you to live comfortably in your home. A 2007 study for the Department of Health’s Care Efficiency Delivery Network found that up to 68% of people no longer needed a home care package after a period of Reablement, and up to 48% continued not to need home care two years later.

Rehabilitation at Home

If your mobility or other functional abilities are not as they were before, Bonza Healthcare provide Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy assessments and physical rehabilitation services specially tailored to your needs. We help you recover after an illness, a fall, an injury, a hospital admission or following short stay at respite care.

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Home Safety and Adaptation Assessments

Bonza Healthcare provide specialist Occupational Therapy home assessments, adaptations and physiotherapy falls prevention assessment services to facilitate your safe and independent living.

The assessment is carried out by multi-disciplinary teams of health and, in some areas, social care staff. (These are joint teams with reablement services and social care staff.) The intermediate care services will promote your health, well-being and can help to prevent falls at home. The service also aims to reduce admissions to hospitals by providing a rapid response to you at home.

In addition, the service can enable you to be discharged from hospital earlier by providing care support and intensive rehabilitation in your own home. This service also helps prevent unnecessary or premature admission to long-term residential and nursing care.

A discharge or a care plan for any future care needs will be discussed with you and you will be given details on how you can receive help to set up on-going care arrangements. The service may last for a number of weeks and during this assessment period, intermediate care is free of charge. When this is completed a care plan for your future care needs will be discussed and you will be given details on how you can receive help to set up on going care arrangements.

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